Zach Deputy Performing For an Audience of Goats

Zach Deputy rolled into town last month with his van and his hair and his humor and his cracked and worn guitar and his arsenal of things with buttons on them, and most of all, his talent.  Zach's power as a one-man show is colossal.  His guitar playing is virtuosic and classical at times.  His beats are infections and limb-jostling.  His voice is soulful and his range is staggering.

So what audience is most deserving of this level of performance?  Goats, obviously.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.52.01 PM

Avalanche Cheese Company let us film Zach's show before a lucky group of young goats.  We set him up on a stage of pallets and plywood facing the goats' pen.  They (the goats) were pretty into it, I think, although they were a little wary of Todd's (of Hutman Media) jib arm.  The highlight of the shoot for me was definitely when Ali (of KVNF) asked Zach to sign autographs and feed them to the goats.  It was perfect because, as we realized, the goats will eat anything.  Autographs, shirts, pants, cables... anything.  Fortunately we made it out of the shoot without losing any equipment to their perpetually curious mouths.


You can view all 5 videos from the session here: