Teaching a Young Draft Horse

This is some footage I shot of my brother Nate working in a round pen with a young horse, Polly.  It was filmed in the middle of March, after more than a foot of snow fell and the subzero temperatures made Spring seem an awful long way off.  When the growing season does arrive, Reber Rock Farm will be preparing the fields for crops using horses, instead of tractors.

Farming with horses is beautiful, challenging, and much friendlier to the environment than tractors.  It is also time consuming and labor intensive--it is difficult to make as much money farming with horses as one could with tractors.  In the video, Nate explains how raising, breeding, and training horses for sale will hopefully offset the lower revenue of working the land with horses instead of tractors.  But for now, Polly must learn to trust and understand the instructions of a teamster, if she is to be pulling any farm equipment when the ground thaws.