music, visuals, and video with Anna Rae

I recently had the pleasure of working with bass-wielding singer-songwriter indie folk-rock-pop musician extraordinaire Anna Rae on an album release video for her upcoming EP, "High Stakes."  'Album release video' is a loose term -- the video is an exploration into the purpose and meaning of album art, inspired by Anna's own process of commissioning her album art from local Cambridge artist Christiana Celli.  This is a great example of a new and creative approach to promotion and advertising.  Instead of making a video that just said 'hey I'm Anna and this is my music', she found a story and a question to pursue and made a film about it.  Her music and her style still come through, and it's much more interesting and watchable to we who view it.  I wish everyone would approach advertising in this way.

It was also interesting to step inside the music recording world for a moment.  Anna's creative process in recording her albums is very collaborative, and I could see how the songs evolved and took shape throughout the recording, mixing and mastering process.  I contributed some keyboard parts to a couple songs on the EP.  I encourage you to go buy the album!