Earthships and Todo Mundo

Todo Mundo is hot.  I mean, really -- they're all so good looking!  Their music is fun, danceable, meaningful, and rich all at the same time.  The trio that played here offers an intimate and stripped down version of the full-band latin pop rock reggae awesomeness which is currently storming around Colorado.  Hailing from San Diego, Todo Mundo's songwriting and lyrics send a message of unity, diversity, equality, and most of all, celebrates love.  I love filming these KVNF Field Sessions for so many reasons, and when the music, musicianship, message, and looks are as good as they are with Todo Mundo, well hey -- all we have to do is stand back and capture that.


The location was Eric Darby's house -- an Earthship up on the mesa outside Paonia.  If you don't know what an Earthship is, it's an off-the-grid house made of natural, recycled and renewable materials.  For the walls of the main house, the Darbys used 'earth-rammed tires' embedded in the ground for insulation and structural support.  What is an earth-rammed tire, you ask?  Exactly what it sounds like!  You take a tire, fill it with dirt, pound the dirt down with a sledgehammer, fill it with dirt again, pound it down again, and repeat until the thing weighs about 300 lbs and meets (and surpasses) conventional requirements for structural load distribution.  It's a really cool concept for building -- and living -- and I was glad to include it here in the session with Todo Mundo.  The Darbys also employed some creative architecture in and around the main house, as seen in the 'Sky Porch', where we filmed.

Thanks again to Ali Lightfoot, Jeff Reynolds, Brodie Kinder, Teya Cranson, and Logan Woods-Darby for their help with the shoot!