Concert on top of a haystack

The "KVNF Field Sessions" began with the idea to film visiting and local bands in a unique setting around Paonia, Colorado and the North Fork Valley.  Having just recently moved to Paonia from Boston, I am perhaps overly excited by the scenery out here.  The possibilities for unique and beautiful settings are endless.  I met up with Ali Lightfoot, program director at the local radio station KVNF, to scout some locations for our first shoot with Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer.  Their old-timey country sound, the soulfullness of Cahalen's voice, and the songs that sound so natural they could have been penned in any decade of the last century, hit a sweet spot in country music for me.  We were trying to find a location suitable for that sound.

This old barn down Stewart Mesa Rd, near Zephyros Farm, was perfect.  We did not expect, however, that when we showed up the day of the shoot, it would be full of hay.  No worries!  We got a ladder and put the band on top of the haystack, and the effect was pretty cool.  The band took some convincing, though.

This is the last song they played for us on the haystack: Another Sadder Day.  We made 5 videos, of different songs (you can see all 5 at  This one is my favorite, because you can see the moment when the sun goes down.  The sliver of sunlight, through the cracks in the wallboards, falls upon Cahalen's hat, and in the middle of the second verse, fades away.  The sadness of the song and the fading light made for a profound moment.

Many thanks to Ali Lightfoot, Jeff Reynolds, Brodie Kinder, Teya Cransen, and Brooke Warren for their help in putting these videos together.  Stay tuned for more bands in the future!