Puttin’ up the Trusses

So my brother is building a barn on his farm. When he brought in a crane and a bunch of his buddies I figured I'd get out there and play with the slow motion feature on a camera that's new to me--the Sony FS700. Pretty fun results. It's nice to know that Nate does the cheesy slow-motion blink-and-turn, and it's not just movie stars!  It was a great day.  The trusses were installed in only 2 hours and the purlins in about the same, by a crew with little to no experience except for one--Travis, the guy in the black muscle shirt, grew up building barns, and it shows.  I was glad to be there, even if I wasn't wielding a hammer. Many thanks to Nate and the folks at Reber Rock Farm, and to Jesse and Worst Feelings for the awesome music.