Affordable Housing for Seniors in Sudbury, Massachusetts

It is my pleasure for the 3rd year in a row now to be working for B'nai B'rith Housing, a non-profit in Boston that focuses on developing high-quality affordable housing in high-cost communities of Massachusetts.  Their most recent success story is the Coolidge at Sudbury, an all-affordable condominium complex for seniors in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  This is a prime example of the documentary non-fiction form being effective for promotional material.  B'nai B'rith's mission is unique, their work is stellar, and their impact is significant.  These videos are simply a matter of communicating their success, and the stories of the residents who inhabit their buildings.

This year's video focuses on the stories of the new residents at the Coolidge at Sudbury, as well as the voice of Karen Fish-Will of Peabody Properties, who was in charge of marketing and leasing the Coolidge apartments.  Karen is also B'nai B'rith's honoree for this year's annual dinner.

Working remotely from Colorado for this year's video, I called upon the help of other filmmakers in the production of this video.  Many thanks to Ben Pender-Cudlip of Unrendered Films and Jim Billipp for their camera work, Spiros Tritsibidas for the drone footage, Louis Weeks for the music, and Teya Cranson for assistant editing.