San Juans

San Juans


For much of his unwaking life, Dakin has found himself inhabiting cabins. Whether perched upon the San Juan Mountains, tucked away in the shrubbery of Cape Cod, or nestled in the maple grove on Reber Rock Farm, such rustic abodes occupy much of his mind’s empty space. To these places Dakin retreats in times of wondering and wandering. From the creative space embodied in these lonesome places, Lost Cabin Productions was born.

When he isn't filming, Dakin is most likely to be found riding his bike, playing music, or eating.

Dakin Henderson photo, B&W

Dakin Henderson

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Lost Cabin Productions is the work of Dakin Henderson, an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor. Most recently, Dakin produced Wild Science, a 6-part video series highlighting wildlife research for High Country News. He co-founded and directs the KVNF Field Sessions, an ongoing live music video series shot on location ‘in the field’, in the unique rural landscape of western Colorado.

Before moving to Colorado in 2014, Dakin worked as Director of Photography and Editor for the award-winning PBS documentary production company, Vital Pictures, in Boston. There, he worked on high-impact broadcast media projects such as The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation, Coming of Age in Aging America, and Gaining Ground: Building Community on Dudley Street.

In 2012, Dakin produced and directed the feature documentary What Time Is Left, which premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

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background in biology

With a background in field biology, Dakin is passionate about wildlife and the outdoors. In 2011, he traveled to Mongolia to produce video for a multi-media museum exhibit on climate change, and recently was awarded a National Geographic Young Explorers grant for filming in Tajikistan in the winter of 2013/14. Dakin continues to create film and media that improves our understanding of science and the natural world.

Dakin Filming in Tajikistan